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Introducing BUDZ

Welcome to

 Seeding an innovative decentralized platform offering high yield options. Utilizing a symbiotic relationship between burning, staking and farming through DeFi to maximize growth and sustainability. was founded on the mantra that higher is better. Farmers need yield, our LP strains keep you soaring high while dealing some of the dopest yield around.
BUDZ is a financial experiment, created by a team of budding enthusiasts with the aim to bring cannabis to the world of farming, where it belongs.

We chose Binance Smart Chain to launch upon allowing for low fees, high security and fast transaction speed. See here for setup info.
Our contract code is audited, open-source and verified on bscscan, see BUDZ audit reports undertaken by Techrate and The Audit Institute.

Doing your own research is vital in the cryptosphere, but if you're too high rn, we get it bro. 👊
Here's how things work...

  •  Farming BUDZ in the Growroom offers a high variable APY, allowing users to utilize a multitude of liquidity tokens for yield, paid in BUDZ. APY for farming is calculated using the combined value of your LP tokens, and the value of total BUDZ farmed per year. This gives a variable APY, price goes up, farming APY follows. Farming uses an APY halvening period, starting at 7 days, which is then extended a further 7 days every new period (e.g. 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 days), any user can call the halvening.

  •  Staking BUDZ in the Seedvault accrues interest at a minimum of 42.0% APY, paid in BUDZ. Staking uses a minimum 7 day staking period from your most recent stake, crop or roll. Claim accrued interest at any point throughout the duration of your stake.

  •  Burning BUDZ pumps the price and maximizes staking returns. BUDZ achieves this by automatically burning a copy of the amount burnt in the BUDZ/BNB pair contract of Pancakeswap. This increases price alongside using your burnt amount as a metric to calculate your individual staking APY up to a maximum of 2x (84.0%), achieve max staking APY by burning a total of 50% of your staked balance!

  •  Referring users to rewards both users, 5% copy of farming harvests and staking interest for referrer forever, users also receive a +5% bonus forever on farming harvests for using a reflink. A referrer must have used the platform in the past before referrering others (e.g. farming, staking). Users cannot self refer.

  •  50% of initial liquidity is locked for 6 months. We aim for sustainability and high gains, while maintaining community trust.

  •  Holding both BUDZ and NUGZ offers the most stable farming APY. NUGZ is a low-supply deflationary token giving the BUDZ ecosystem further depth and game-theory elements.

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Our Roadmap

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The Seedvault

Staking BUDZ earns interest at 42.0% APY and up to 84.0% APY with 50% of staked amount burnt.

Burn BUDZ to pump the price relative to amount burnt, increase everyones farming APY, alongside increasing your individual BUDZ staking APY.

Ensure eligiblity to our upcoming unique NFTs by burning and staking the appropriate amount of BUDZ.

BUDZ Burning 

 Burning BUDZ increases your individual staking APY up to a maximum of 2x.
 Burning BUDZ simultaneously pumps the price by burning an equivalant amount of BUDZ from the BNB/BUDZ pair of Pancakeswap.

Burn 50% of your staked balance to achieve 2x staking bonus.

Burn up to 3x of your total staking interest claimed to pump the price!

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Burn BUDZ 

BUDZ Staking 

 Stake BUDZ to increase your position and earn BUDZ passively
 7 day min stake period, your most recent plantation/crop/roll resets the period.

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The Growroom

High yield farming on BSC with BUDZ

 Plant your seeds, watch them grow and enjoy your yield while harvesting the dopest APY in this budding industry 

  Ensure to harvest any unclaimed rewards prior to halvening.

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Pancakeswap V1-LP Farms

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